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Intown Quilters Fabric and Yarn is now a web store only with fast shipping!
Face masks for health care workers and you! You can download a pattern Chrissy Weeks wrote up for us after she spent time trying many different patterns. Click HERE to download. 

Chrissy also created this pattern for a more fitted face mask. 

Here is a Youtube Video that Chrissy made on how she sews the straps on her masks. 

Please also share our GoFundMe fundraiser with your friends and family as the funds we raise go to help provide fabric and supplies for making masks! 

You can read about the CDC recommendations for wearing fabric face masks here

Here is a mask that a nurse says she likes the best. 

Aldo a note from a community member about making masks:

For those who are making fabric face masks - tip from my physician husband:

Try to make one that does not have an elastic that goes over the ears - your ears will hurt in a while after wearing. The ties are better. There are also other creative ideas using buttons or elastic behind the head. In short, over ears will hurt.

Pillow Cases

We regularly take in pillow cases that have been washed in unscented detergent and stored in a plastic bag. We occasionally have challenges to get a bunch made in a short period of time. It is best to read the newsletter regularly to watch for any current challenges. You can click on the name below to get to a pattern.

Basic Pillow Case Pattern