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Inside IQ 11/13/2015

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

Nov. 13, 2015  

We are nearly 45 days into the new Point-of-Sale system! Yay! There are still some kinks and we're still finding items that aren't in the system but we seem to be cruising along now, for the most part. Thanks for rolling with it!

Our credit-card reconciliation issues are now ZERO! It's definitely one of the best things about this system. We've had some off days with cash so please double check the change you give to customers.

Did you know the majority of our gift certificates are sold between now and the end of the year? It's true! Please take a few minutes the next time you work and read through the POS handout to review how to process sold gift certificates. All GCs sold through the system need to have the recipient's name and the physical GC number attached when you sell the certificate.

On a related note, if only a portion of a GC is used as payment (the customer still has a balance to use), please make sure you still fill out one of the Redeemed GC slips.

We had a great time with Nia's surprise baby shower on Thursday! Thanks to everyone who helped it come together.

We have a pack of diapers and a Sharpie behind the register, leftover from the shower. Please take a moment to write something funny or encouraging on a diaper and return it to the package -- and invite customers to do the same. Nia won't get to see them until those fun middle-of-the-night diaper changes.

Classes just added: (repeated from last week)
We're working on a few short classes for making quick holiday gifts but nothing is on the schedule yet.

New to IQ:
Fibs & Fables by Anna Maria Horner is here, on the floral wall.

Little House on the Prairie calicos are here, across from floral (where B&W used to live)

Coming soon:
Thread and 45mm rotary blades should be here by the middle of next week.

Next week's schedule: