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Inside IQ 12/30/15

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

Dec. 30, 2015  

Happy new year! Thanks for being such a great part of the IQ team in 2015!

Just a reminder that we are closed Dec. 31 & Jan. 1 for the New Year holidays.

Like Sew has told us they are working on the issue with duplicate items jumping into the till. Until then, be sure to double check the screen and make sure you don't have any duplicates. It seems to happen less if you go a little more slowly when typing into the product field, allowing the system to "catch up" with what you're typing.

If a customer uses a partial gift certificate as payment for a purchase, please be sure to fill out one of the gift certificate slips and put in the register. Mary really, really appreciates it!

Classes just added:
Nothing new added. Maxine's next Beginning class is full; please add names to the waiting list in the front of the class book (there's one already).

We have started taking sign ups for the EPP sew along for 2016, Glorious Hexagons. Be sure to head to the website and read all about it. In addition to the recurring payment option, we have added an option so people can get a discount for paying for the full year up front.

New to IQ:
We have 30+ bolts of Cotton+Steel that will be here next week. We do have pre-orders and kits to cut so it may take a little while for it to get upstairs.

Batting is restocked! Yay! There is some back stock downstairs so please keep an eye on any holes on the shelf and fill in as needed.

Coming soon:
Carkai by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman.

Cotton+Steel coloring book is on the way.

New Yara African fabrics.

Next week's schedule: