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Inside IQ 1/15/2016

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

Jan. 15, 2016  

Welcome back, Nia & Lennye!

Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and a National Day of Service. We are conducting two service projects this weekend. The first is a Pantie Raid, collecting underwear and socks to donate to a local women's shelter (Jan. 15-23). People who bring in donations receive a fat quarter for free. On Monday from 11 a.m.-4 p.m., we are hosting a fidget quilt sew day to create more fidget quilts for local Alzheimer patients.

Sarah, Pogo and Elaine spent the better part of two days cleaning and organizing the downstairs, including the sale room, the back classroom and the employee storage room. Everything looks amazing! Pogo passed along some notes about the reorganization:

Storage room has been cleaned and organized, please keep it that way. If you need to put something in there and are not sure where to put it ask one of us. No more just shoving things in there.

Extra bolts of fabric are now in the store room. Kona has not been moved yet.

Elaine brought in a really nice shelf and set it up in the storeroom and we have put two buckets for Regina on the bottom and two buckets above it for Sheila and Joan for their stuff. The floor in front of these bins needs to be clear all the time so that people can get at them.

The big desk that used to be where all their stuff went (Regina, Sheila and Joan)  has been cleared off and is now for sewing machines only. That has become Steve's table.

There are two quilt racks in the sale room that will have quilts on them that are for sale. I will be in tomorrow to mark them and put them out. Very often people come in asking if we have quilts for sale, now we can tell them yes.

The white cupboards are getting cleaned out and everything that is in there or is put in there needs to have a note on it so we know what it is. If not, I'll be making 2 1/2" strip rolls out of it...LOL

In the big move and reorganization, the sale room was expanded to create a Christmas Corner. The remaining holiday fabrics from 2015 have been marked down but kits remain full price. We are creating new signing downstairs to clarify this for customers. Items downstairs are ALL priced as marked -- some are full price, some are discounted.

Please make sure special requests are completely filled out and placed with the blue notebook. We have had two prepaid special requests go MIA in the past two weeks.

Classes just added:

No new classes added.

New to IQ:
We have some fun new novelty prints from Robert Kaufman, including a panel called Chip Chip Hooray. (Mary thinks it is the cutest thing ever.)

We received our Carkai order but are missing a few bolts. Leslie is in the process of unboxing and cutting pre-orders and kits for samples we already have so the fabric can move upstairs.

New Asian line from Red Rooster is here, Akahana.

Panel, a few bolts and some charm packs for Lil Red from Moda. A sample is coming soon.

More bolts of Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements.

DC Comics Girl Power.

Kaffe Classics reorder is here.

Coming soon:
We ordered tons of new patterns and books with our Checker rep, as well as restock items for rulers, notions and thread. We also ordered all the zippers!

Next week's schedule: