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Inside IQ 1/29/2016

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

Jan. 29, 2016  
Thanks again to Pogo's husband, Denny, who came in on Thursday and installed outlets on the walls in the downstairs classroom. This will be a huge help when we have classes back there -- no more having to plug machines into the ceiling! 

Please make sure you fill out gift certificate redemption forms when someone uses a partial gift certificate. If someone uses a gift certificate plus another form of payment to complete a transaction, this information is still supposed to be written on the face of the GC.

Because of the way our POS and web site work, it is vital that anything cut or pulled for a phone order or shop sample (including backing fabric for quilts) is rung out of the system at the time it's cut. Doing so helps eliminate the chance of inadvertently selling more of an item than we actually have.

USPS rates have increased. We are working on a cheat sheet to help everyone know what postage to charge for orders that need to be shipped.

Please hand out the Shop Hop flyer to everyone or put it in their bag. Be sure to tell customers the Sewing Expo in Duluth is the same weekend as Shop Hop so they can make a fun sewing/quilting weekend March 9-13. This year we are giving out a free pattern for a quilt, cute buttons instead of charms and each shop is giving out a recipe.

And now, a note from Sarah:

I've been looking over February sales for the last few years and the sales for February have dropped more than 10 percent from 2013 to 2015. I'd like to see if we can bring that number back up this year and, of course, cannot do it without all of you. If we can bring our sales back up by 5 percent over the sales from 2013, then I will share a bit of that with you in the form of a bonus. I will be looking over the other months of the year to see where else we may be weaker and we will see if we can work on those months, too. Let's work hard at trying to promote some add-on sales without being pushy by:

* Asking if customers might need thread to go with their project;
* Batting;
* New blades;
* Flatter or Best Press;
* Pins;
* Etc.

If a customer is buying for a big project, you could say something like, "Since you are putting together a whole project today, how would you like to have 10 percent off on your backing to go with it, if you can find one today?"

Also, if anyone feels like demonstrating anything on Saturdays and Sundays, that can always help. We could make some demo baskets to keep under the front table to get out when we have big crowds come in. Demonstrating your favorite ruler, binding clips (if you use them -- I don't but I know some of you love them), demonstrating the difference between the straight and ergonomic rotary cutters since we have both open, even demonstrating how to cut to newbies. Maybe someone like Sandy could demo flying geese or triangles.

Remember to tell customers we have a website in case they get home and wish they'd gotten another piece of fabric.

Let's work together and make an increase in sales happen in February. Thank you all in advance for helping to try to raise our sales for February!

Time off requests: Shop Hop is coming up in March (3/9-3/13) and we need all hands on deck for a successful event. Please do not request time off from 3/1-3/15 and limit requests for time off to a single day for 3/16-4/3. We also have multiple people out 2/4-2/9 and cannot accommodate any more time off requests for those dates.

Classes just added:

New session of Beginning Quiltmaking, which is filling up.

Sewing Studio -- this session is one day, for a longer duration, instead of the two-session class

New to IQ:
Lots of patterns for shop hop kits and samples

New metallic embroidery floss from Lecien.

Vintage Kitchen from Riley Blake.

Easter in Gnomeville from Michael Miller.

All the beer, wine and whiskey fabrics from Benartex and Robert Kaufman.

Coming soon:
Kaffe restocks for a variety of things, including Sandy's 2016 BOM.

Next week's schedule: