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Inside IQ 2/5/2016

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

Feb. 5, 2016  
So much fabric came in this week that there's been some major rearranging at the shop. Please plan to spend a minute or two familiarizing yourself with where things are located so you can best help customers.

We are running a couple of promotions/sales this weekend, announced in the newsletter that went out today. On Saturday, customers who spend $25 or more receive a free fat quarter of Ellen Baker's new line for Kokka, Rough Cut, while supplies last. On Sunday, we're having a Quarter Back sale: customer buys 3 or more yards from one bolt and receives 25 percent off. Customers who spend $50 or more get to choose a free pattern from a bucket we have at the register, while supplies last.

If you count the drawer at the end of the night, please double check your numbers. It's become quite common to find the drawer over one day and under the next (or the reverse) by the same amount.

When a customer is doing an exchange (vs. a straight return), it's better to scan the item and change the quantity to -1 instead of pulling up the item in the customer's order history to start the return. Otherwise, the item has to be returned and then any other items purchased must be rung up separately. If you're unclear about how to do this, please ask Mary or Leslie to show you the next time you're in.

There's an interesting infographic, Complete Guide to Boosting Purchases, that gives insights and tips for helping guide customers to items they ultimately buy. Given our sales goal from Sarah this month, it would be worth your time to give it a read and help the shop hit that target.

Please hand out the Shop Hop flyer to everyone or put it in their bag. Be sure to tell customers the Sewing Expo in Duluth is the same weekend as Shop Hop so they can make a fun sewing/quilting weekend March 9-13. This year we are giving out a free pattern for a quilt, cute buttons instead of charms and each shop is giving out a recipe.

Time off requests: Shop Hop is coming up in March (3/9-3/13) and we need all hands on deck for a successful event. Please do not request time off from 3/1-3/15 and limit requests for time off to a single day for 3/16-4/3.

Classes just added:

Working on dates for a few classes but nothing added since last week

New to IQ:
Sunprint 2016 by Alison Glass for Andover

Asian prints by Quilt Gate

Studio Stash 3 and Studio Stash yarn dyes from Robert Kaufman.

Me+You batiks from Hoffman

Minny Muu charm packs, mini charms and one layer cake.

Coming soon:
Batik strips from Robert Kaufman.

Next week's schedule: