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Inside IQ 2/19/2016

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

Feb. 19, 2016  
We're more than half way through February, which means we're into the second half of our sales challenge from Sarah. What are you doing to help us meet our sales goal? We can't hit that number without you!

Sarah passed along something she read in a quilt shop networking forum that should be of interest to everyone. A shop owner created a focus group from her customers and social media followers and one of the questions she asked was What makes you NOT care about shopping at your LQS?:

"Overwhelmingly they said when no one acknowledges them when they walk into the store or employees are busy talking and they feel like they are intruding and that no one thanks them for purchasing from their store. Basically, they didn't feel welcome (this was THEIR perception) and THEIR money wasn't appreciated (again, THEIR perception). WHOA! Do store owners think they're welcoming but customers don't feel it? You can bet this will be my #1 employee training item!"

Here's her recommendations for making customers feel welcome and appreciated -- these are all things we should be doing at IQ:

1. Stop what you're doing for 3 seconds to say "hello" to someone walking in the door.
2. Make eye contact with them.
3. Smile when you introduce yourself and let them know you're not too busy to help them.

When you remove a Checker tag from the wall, please make sure to leave the tag with the photo of the item on the wall. This will make it easier to restock the item. Also, please be aware that all hooks on the walls at eye level and below should be the short hooks.

Please use the small notebooks at each cutting table to write down the sku/barcode of any fabrics you cut into fat quarters for customers. The other FQ should just be shelved.
You do not need to write down the number of fat quarters -- Leslie and Mary remove a half yard for each SKU.

Please hand out the Shop Hop flyer to everyone or put it in their bag. Be sure to tell customers the Sewing Expo in Duluth is the same weekend as Shop Hop so they can make a fun sewing/quilting weekend March 9-13. This year we are giving out a free pattern for a quilt, cute buttons instead of charms and each shop is giving out a recipe.

Time off requests: Shop Hop is coming up in March (3/9-3/13) and we need all hands on deck for a successful event. Please do not request time off from 3/1-3/15 and limit requests for time off to a single day for 3/16-4/3.

Classes just added:

Another session of Beginning Quilt Making starts in April.

New to IQ:
Some bolts of Vintage Picnic to coordinate with the charm packs.

Lots of batiks, which are in the process of being moved upstairs.

New colors of Architextures Widescreens from Robert Kaufman.

QuiltCon magazine.

Fun quilt magnets (price is $2/each)

Coming soon:
Spring issue of Simply Moderne

Next week's schedule: