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Inside IQ 2/26/2016

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

Feb. 26, 2016  
We've encountered a couple of issues with the POS this week and wanted to make you aware of them:

1. Some item amounts are changing to 0 (zero) on suspended transactions. We have notified Like Sew of the issue and hope they get it fixed soon. In the meantime, please double check all carts if you suspend a transaction.

2. If you add a discount to a transaction after you have swiped a credit card, you have to delete the card payment (click the red trashcan next to the amount) and swipe again. Otherwise, the transaction shows that we owe the customer change (which we do). Refer to the photo at right to see this in action. If this does happen to you, please let Leslie or Mary know ASAP and we will refund directly to the credit card that was used. Do not give cash change!

We will have a booth at the Original Sewing & Quilting in Duluth, which coincides with Shop Hop. We have also applied to vend at some additional shows in 2016 and 2017.

The Embrace double gauze from Shannon should be snipped and torn instead of cut. The bolts are wound improperly and customers lose considerable yardage by straightening up when we cut off the bolt.

As we sprint toward the finish line of Shop Hop prep, please make sure the housekeeping is done around the shop. Dusting and vacuuming need to happen every day. Shelves and fat quarters should be straightened up. The sale bin needs attention, as well. It's often slow enough in the afternoons to allow time for straightening up bolts.

Please hand out the Shop Hop flyer to everyone or put it in their bag. Be sure to tell customers the Sewing Expo in Duluth is the same weekend as Shop Hop so they can make a fun sewing/quilting weekend March 9-13. This year we are giving out a free pattern for a quilt, cute buttons instead of charms and each shop is giving out a recipe.

Time off requests: Shop Hop is coming up in March (3/9-3/13) and we need all hands on deck for a successful event. Please do not request time off from 3/1-3/15 and limit requests for time off to a single day for 3/16-4/3. Also, Sarah, Mary and Leslie will be representing IQ at Quiltcon East -- the annual Modern Quilt Guild convention -- in Savannah next February. This will affect time off requests for that time frame.

Classes just added:

Another session of Beginning Quilt Making starts in April.

New to IQ:
Simply Moderne magazine.

A canvas car panel from Riley Blake.

Ninja Gnomeville and some cute fox and hedgehogs from Michael Miller.

Coming soon:
Kaffe restocks

Some Michael Miller novelties.

Next week's schedule: