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Inside IQ 3/4/2016 - Shop Hop edition

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

March 4, 2016  
It's the week we've all been waiting for!

(Sorry -- couldn't resist!) Yes, Shop Hop starts Wednesday, March 9 and this edition of the Inside IQ is all about it.

We're fortunate that the entire IQ crew has been around for a while. That means this will be the third Shop Hop for even the most "recent" hire. We all know what to do and what to expect by now, but just as a refresher...

Shop Hop is our biggest event of the year and many of these folks only shop once a year. There are always new people discovering the Shop Hop and IQ. Every single one of us is an ambassador for the shop and the shop hop. Be friendly, be helpful and make it your mission to show the 1,000 people who walk through our door those five days that Intown Quilters is THE BEST quilt shop in Georgia!

The schedule for next week is included in this email. Look it over, make note of your shifts and then double check. You're expected to be on time and ready to go.

If you're on the morning shift, please note that your arrival time should be 9 a.m. during Shop Hop instead of 9:30. Traffic may be heavier or lighter than you are used to at that time of day. Plan your trip to the shop accordingly so that you are on time.

Please remember to park across the street at the mall. You'll have plenty of company to walk back with at the end of the day.

If you are scheduled to work all day, please remember to bring your lunch. It's much easier to grab something to eat when there's a slow down or shift change overlap if you aren't having to go foraging, especially when ...

The forecast next week calls for rain. Because it wouldn't be Shop Hop if it weren't raining. This makes more work for the front of the house crew because you'll want to keep an eye out for umbrellas and puddles and wet organic matter tracked in.

For the most part, one person will be working the register each shift. Everyone else on duty will have a bit more defined spot -- either in the front of the shop or the back -- than we do during a non-Shop Hop day. 

We have some volunteers who will be manning the passport station at various times this year. Some are familiar faces who've helped before and others are new but you may recognize them from visits to the shop. 

Please fill out cut slips as clearly and completely as possible. This goes a long way in helping your coworker at the register ring up customers as quickly as possible. If a fabric code from the end of the bolt has a -number usually meaning the color number, please also try to write the color that the fabric is like red, blue, etc (even if you only write a letter, like B, Y, R, G, T for teal, etc) and for some reason some of the fabrics in the system pull up a word color even though you have just typed in a color number. Ask one of us to show you what we mean here if you are not sure.

We will be wearing aprons over our clothes for Shop Hop. Please make sure you grab one at the beginning of your shift and hang it up again at the end so someone else can use it the next shift/day. Please remember to dress in layers since this time of year is usually cool in the shop in the morning and hot in the afternoon (they are forecasting high 70s so it will end up warm at some points in the shop). You might even bring sandals to change into or wear a skirt or shorts. Sarah asks that you please DO NOT fan yourself and talk about how hot it is in the shop once it gets hot! 

In addition to Shop Hop, we have a booth at the Original Sewing & Quilting Expo in Duluth, Thursday-Saturday. Set up for the Expo is Wednesday. Make sure you double check whether you are working your shift at the shop or the Expo!

Time off requests: Please limit requests for time off to a single day for 3/16-4/3. Also, Sarah, Mary and Leslie will be representing IQ at Quiltcon East -- the annual Modern Quilt Guild convention -- in Savannah next February. This will affect time off requests for that time frame.

Classes just added:

Nothing added

New to IQ:
Flower Sugar double gauze from Lecien

Kaffe restocks

Black and whites from Andover

Coming soon:
Alexander Henry The Ghastlies

Guest teacher Lizzy House

Next week's schedule: