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Inside IQ 3/25/2016

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

March 25, 2016  
The shop is closed Sunday, 3/27, for Easter.

Leslie is out of the country on vacation, so please contact Mary with questions related to the POS, etc.

Many of you met Kristie Fields during Shop Hop, when she helped out at the passport stamping station. Kristie is going to be helping in the shop on a trial basis, beginning in April. She is not an employee and does not receive an employee discount on her purchases.

We are trying something a little different with our end-of-bolt pieces that we normally would fat quarter. Instead of dividing it into fat quarters, measure the yardage and write it in the FRONT cutting table notebook with the sku, price and yardage amount. Then place the empty bolt under the table and the piece of fabric on the corner of the table where customers will see it, admire it and likely purchase it. Any pieces that are not sold by close should be cut into fat quarters and the empty bolts placed in the bucket.

The only "customer used 20% reward" notes that should be written in the POS notebook are related to rewards in the POS system. Please do not write down full cards that have been used for a discount. The rewards use is noted so Leslie or Mary can remove the electronic coupon from the system.

Please make sure to fill out gift certificate redemption slips if a GC is not used in full.

When cutting/writing down FQs in the small notebooks, please do not write an amount unless you are cutting off more than a half yard (and that should happen almost never). The written sku alerts Leslie/Mary to remove a half yard from that bolt in the system.

We have two books with similar names in the POS: You Can Quilt ($24.95) and You Can Quilt It! ($27.99). Both books have scannable UPC codes but if you need to type it into the field for some reason, make sure it's the correct book. You Can Quilt is the one being used in Sandy's BOM that starts next month.

When you put b&w bolts away, please put some with the Ghastlies so there won't be empty space on the shelves. As you look around the shop, if you see empty space on shelves, shift bolts from the shelf before or after to fill things in a bit. Loose shelves are better than bare shelves.

Saturday, April 1, is Pillowfight Day and we are using that as a peg for collecting pillowcases for Ryan's Case for Smiles (formerly known as ConKerr Cancer). We will have a container upstairs where the pillowcases can be collected during the day and then they will be moved to the employee storage room downstairs. Customers should have 10 IQ points added to their account for each pillowcase they bring in.

Classes added:
Quilting Studio on 4/10

New at IQ:
Pirates from Makower UK

Tea Party pennant banner from Makower UK

A handful of bolts from Flow by Zen Chic for Moda

Some Michael Miller Christmas fabrics

Halloween in Gnomeville by Michael Miller

Coming soon:
Lollies by Jen Kingwell for Moda

This week's schedule: