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Inside IQ 4/1/2016

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

April 1, 2016  
We sent out a newsletter this morning with information about a one-cent sale today only. Please read the newsletter for all the details. Leslie is at the shop all day today and can answer any questions that come up.

We have tweaked the procedure for dealing with the end-of-bolt pieces since the last Inside IQ. On the front cutting table, there are pre-cut pieces of paper for writing down the SKU, yardage and price, which should then be pinned to the end-of-bolt piece. Please drape the fabric over the edge of the table so customers can actually see it! If the piece is folded neatly it tends to get shoved out of the line of sight, which defeats the purpose. As before, any pieces that are not sold by close should be cut into fat quarters and the empty bolts placed in the bucket.

Sarah moved around some fabric this week, so be sure to take a moment to look around before the day starts to familiarize yourself with the layout. Halloween and Christmas fabrics are currently batik adjacent.

SKUs matter. Since we shifted to a computerized POS that syncs with our website, it's vital that we ring up the correct item in the system. Please do not substitute an item with a similar price if the item you are ringing up does not appear to be in the system. Leslie and Mary are trying to make sure everything is in the system but there are occasionally things that have been missed (patterns seems to be the biggest category for this). If an item you're ringing up does not come up when you scan it, type the SKU or type the name, please use the generic item that fits (batik fabric, book, pattern, notion, etc.), manually change the price (if different), and make a note about the item in the POS notebook.

Saturday, April 2, is Pillowfight Day and we are using that as a peg for collecting pillowcases for Ryan's Case for Smiles (formerly known as ConKerr Cancer). We have a container behind the regsiter where the pillowcases can be collected during the day and then they will be moved to the employee storage room downstairs. Customers should have 10 IQ points added to their account for each pillowcase they bring in.

Classes added:
Nothing added since last week

New at IQ:
Just a Speck by Jen Kingwell for Moda

Haberdashery by Makower UK

More yellow batiks so Pogo cut and rolled more Pimento Cheese quilt rolls

Coming soon:
Lollies by Jen Kingwell for Moda

This week's schedule: