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Inside IQ 4/15/2016

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

April 15, 2016  

Leslie's BOM, IQ's Small World, starts this Saturday. Mary Lou's handwork sit and sew also takes place this Saturday.

Big thanks to Steve (with a major assist by Sandy), who replaced the faulty plug on the vacuum cleaner. The inside of the old plug actually shows scorching and melting. Please, please be careful when you are using the vacuum that you do not yank the cord out of the wall. We've all done it at least once and no one has ever done it intentionally (as far as we know) but that damages the plug. Sarah reminded me this is the fourth or fifth time the plug has been replaced on the shop's vacuum. Let's all work together to make sure it's the last time!

Please do not leave empty buckets and containers on the floor or cutting table in the front of the shop. If you can't put them away downstairs immediately, please place them on the floor behind the counter near the office door.

If you should happen to buy handsoap for the shop, Sarah asks that you do not buy antibacterial soap. Thank you!

We seem a little hit or miss with dusting the shop. Dusting is a daily chore. All of the fixtures, cabinets, counters and shelves should be dusted. Once a week, the Aurifil thread stand should have the spools removed and the crevices dusted thoroughly.

Our Shop Hop "Sew Cheesy" coupons are good ONLINE only in the month of April. They are redeemable in store in May.

Classes added:
Nothing added since last week but looking at a Log Cabin class in May

New at IQ:
Coral Queen of the Sea from Moda (includes another great doll panel)

Restock of many of the fabrics used in the Night Out in Decatur kit

Kona jelly rolls: white, bright and classic palettes

Cotton+Steel Garland

A whole bunch of batiks from Hoffman

Handcrafted Patchwork batiks by Alison Glass for Andover

Coming soon:
Whisper Palette by Lizzy House

Lizzy House double gauze

Next week's schedule: