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Inside IQ 6/3/2016

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

June 3, 2016  

Our Internet was out at the shop all day on Friday, which meant the cash register was down. Mary was able to log in to Xfinity Wi-fi using her home account but it wasn't the best connection and, because it is a public wi-fi connection, we had to swipe credit cards on the old terminal. In spite of the technical issues, everyone did a great job of writing up orders and managing a less-than-cooperative register interface. AT&T hopes to have service restored by Saturday morning -- cross your fingers! 

Please keep an eye on suspended transactions in the register. We've had several instances this week with suspended transactions for students and/or sit-and-sew folks that were left in the register after the customer had left the store (two were in there six days). If you see the little triangle in the settlement area of the register window, click and see the customer names so you'll know who's got a tab running.

Our trash pick-up days are now Monday and Thursday. Please continue to take the trash to the curb the evening before. DeKalb County will no longer pick up the trash unless it is in the green container they gave us, so please do not put bagged trash at the curb.

When replacing trash bags in the shop, please make sure to pull the bag over the side of the can and cinch the drawstring so it holds in place. This keeps the bag from sinking into the can as trash is put in.

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