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Inside IQ 6/17/2016

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

June 17, 2016  

Bon voyage to Sarah, who is off to Kenya with her husband! She will be out of the shop for the next two weeks but will surely be checking in during that time.

The Row by Row Experience kicks off Tuesday, 6/21. It's an exciting time and we are expecting to see a lot of traffic in the store because of this program, with many people coming into the shop for the first time. Most everyone has worked RxR before but please read through this to prepare for this year's program. The following are the RXR rules, NOT OURS, so if any customers questions any of them, please very nicely say, we do not want to be banned from taking part by breaking the rules so we are following them to the letter.

* Each customer receives ONE row pattern for free, starting 6/21. They must come in person. We can not mail them.

* Please ring up the free row patterns in the POS so we can track how many we give out. You do not need to ring up patterns that accompany sold kits, only ring up patterns given out without kits.

* We have two rows this year. Only ONE of these rows may be used in a winning quilt. Customers may receive a free pattern for only ONE of these rows. They may not purchase the second pattern.

* If customers want both patterns for our rows, they may have one free and purchase the kit for the second row. The pattern is given out with the kit.

* We are not packaging our patterns with our kits this year. If someone purchases a kit, you will need to include a copy of that pattern with purchase. It is vital that you check and double check that you are providing the correct pattern in the correct quantities before the customer leaves the register area.

* We will have a sheet with barcodes for RxR items at the register.

* We have license plates again this year but do not have any plates from previous years.

* In order to "win" Row by Row, a customer needs to take a quilted, bound and labeled quilt -- 8 rows from 8 different quilt shops -- to a participating shop between June 21 and Oct 31. The shop is responsible for verifying the rows used. Row by Row says, "They are allowed to be creative and you do not have to be the quilt police. Our goal is to get people visiting quilt shops and making quilts. If you have a winner, consider it a success!" The winner receives a certificate and 25 fat quarters. We need a photo of the winner with his/her row. If the winner uses one of our rows, we will have an additional prize (TBD).

Shirley's IQ Club ended earlier than scheduled. We have applied a $10 credit to the accounts of students who paid for the full year. The credit shows up in the bar at the top of the screen in the register when you pull up the customer. If the customer's balance due is greater than the amount being purchased, you can click the credit and it will be added to the transaction. If the amount of the credit is greater than the purchase amount, you will need to
click the four squares in the payment area (same as for accepting a GC or check) and then click "on account" and it should autofill with the amount due.

We had a little "oops" with a customer recently, who was in the store and inquired about a supply list for the $10 class she was taking. The coworker helping her told her the class was cancelled because it had not made. In truth, the class was NOT cancelled; another class with a similar name had been cancelled. Moral of the story: Pull out the class book and verify what class the customer is inquiring about to confirm the details.

We have begun adding downloadable class supply lists to the class listings on our website. The last two rounds of $10 classes have been announced with the class supply lists available for immediate download. We are continuing to email class supply lists but are communicating to our customers that they can access this information at their convenience via our web site, too, SO, if someone asks for one to be emailed, you can let them know that they might be able to get it quicker by going to the class listing on the website.

Adding Yarn info:

If you get questions, please jot them down in the notebook on the cc counter so we can see what kinds of things people are wondering about. We had the question "Will there be classes?" Yes!

We will start somewhat small with adding of yarn and grow it as we talk with people and find out more about that industry. 

The yarn will debut for the shops birthday on August 20th if folks are asking. This was in the newsletter last week, so if you did not read that, please do!

Classes added:
Working on classes for July, August and September.

New at IQ:
Fractals wide backs by Angela Walters for Robert Kaufman

Reordered Kaffes

Angela's Attic from Alexander Henry (one Halloween print in two color ways)

Eric Carle 1,2,3 to the Zoo panel with coordinating dot yardage from Andover

Sewing with Singer from Robert Kaufman

Coming soon:
Sewing with Singer panel from Robert Kaufman

Sound of the Woods from Robert Kaufman

Quilters Linen metallic from Robert Kaufman (coordinates with Sound of the Woods)

Next week's schedule: