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Inside IQ 7/1/2016

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

July 1, 2016  

Just a reminder that the shop is closed Monday, 7/4, for the holiday. The information was included in our newsletter and is on the calendar on our website, as well as on signage at the shop. We'll also get a notice posted on Facebook and Instagram.

Sarah will be returning from Kenya and back in the shop next week. Welcome back, Sarah!

Leslie is on vacation and will be out of pocket until next Saturday.

The new Kaffe 108" wide backings are here! We've had quite a bit of interest and already have a couple of skinny bolts. We are not cutting the wide backs for customers. Instead, we are tearing them. Leslie has found it beneficial to clip from the center fold of the fabric and tear from that point to each edge. The fabrics are not bolted on grain and tearing allows us to get an on grain piece that will work better for customers. Sarah also suggests we let customers know they should add 1/8 yard or even a little more to accommodate any fabric shrinkage.

Camp supply lists for the first week of summer camp were sent. Patterns are clipped on the rack next to the register. A $70 credit was added to the account of each camper (using the email address used at sign up). Campers do NOT receive a class discount on the first $70 of supplies purchased for camp. Anything over the $70 receives the standard 10 percent discount. Campers should leave the fabrics and patterns for the quilts here because they will need to be cut before the first day of camp. If you have any questions, please call Mary.

Sign ups for the next round of one-hour, $10 classes is going on now through Monday, 7/4. We have made this change to encourage people to sign up as soon as classes are listed, rather than waiting until the last minute. You have the flexibility to sign up people after the deadline, however, as long as the class made, there are still spaces available and it's more than a day or two before the class. Make the customer feel special: Tell her/him you can make an exception just for her/him this time. Just be sure we have the patterns/supplies and let the instructor know about the late addition.

Sunday crew: Please set both AC units to 80 degrees and hold so the air conditioner does not run all day Monday. Thanks much!

If you replenish our Row by Row patterns, please do not put more than 50 in the bin and make a note on the box the pattern, quantity and date. Also, please be sure to place an orange sticker on each pattern.

We have a Row by Row winner for 2016! Ellen Shephard brought in her quilt on Tuesday, 6/28. We are continuing to sell patterns and give away the free patterns, and we are launching a "second chance" prize for RxR (watch your email for details, which will be sent to our general newsletter subscriber base soon).

One important reminder: the rules of Row by Row state that each hopper can have one free row pattern. If someone purchases a kit, they are still able to receive their free pattern (in addition to the pattern that comes with that kit). As an example: Susie Q. buys a kit for "Where the Rubber Meets the Row", and she gets a copy of that pattern with her purchase. If she also wants the pattern for "Seams Like Home in the Trees", that's fine too -- that counts as her "free pattern". If you have any questions, please ask. We want to make sure the Row by Row Experience is great for all of our customers!

Classes added:
July's $10 classes are up.

Working on August and September classes for all categories (sewing, quilting, knitting and crocheting).

New at IQ:
Restock of Paperweight in Teal and Feathers in Red.

Reorders of some Cotton + Steel basics and older prints. (mixed in the color wall)

New novelties from Alexander Henry including two Day of the Dead fabrics, cats in Christmas greenery and a couple of Asian novelties.

Kaffe wide backs!

Coming soon:
Denim chambray and grunge from Moda

Viola blender from Timeless Treasures

Next week's schedule: