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Inside IQ 9/16/2016

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

Sept. 16, 2016  

New cutting mats are on the tables! Yay! Thanks, Sarah, for replacing the older mats! Please contribute to the longevity and usefulness of the new mats by treating them well: stacking no more than three bolts for cutting and varying where you cut so grooves do not develop as quickly (1/2 yard and 1 yard lines, especially).

The labels for our Wonderland Yarns look very, very similar, as do the colors (and the color names), but they are different weights (thicknesses): March Hare is worsted weight and Mad Hatter is sport weight. A customer called to purchase additional skeins of a yarn she'd previously bought from us. We inadvertently sold her the same color but a different weight of yarn. She was fine with it but it was a good lesson for all of us: Check the label and then double check.

We have a tendency to fill out a special request form when a customer is interested in taking a class we offer but we don't have the best follow through on contacting those customers when a class is scheduled. Rather than fill out a special request, talk to the customer about the convenience of signing up for our newsletter, which is where we list all the classes we currently have scheduled and the place customers can find out what's on the calendar the minute it is scheduled so they don't miss out on classes. We can still take special orders but we will start asking an employee to pull all requests out on the day we send the class newsletter out and call any that need to be called.

The schedule as sent out each week indicates the start and end time for your shift. Please try not to sign in early or leave later without being asked to by Sarah. Sarah is trying to get the shop's finances in a little better shape and needs to keep payroll a little smaller for now.

We have new customer packets to give customers who are in the shop for the first time. We are tracking the distribution of these. Please scan the barcoded packet next to the register monitor but don't give out that one. The barcodes on the other bags will not scan -- please make sure those are the ones you give out.

If a customer buys a Row by Row kit, she/he will have to wait until Nov. 1 for the pattern. Have the customer write his/her address on a white envelope (they are on the plastic shelves under the register) and we will mail it. We are not charging postage. If the customer wants the pattern but not the kit, each pattern is $5 and again will not be mailed until Nov. 1. Local customers can pick up the patterns after Nov. 1 if convenient; otherwise, please use the envelopes.

SKUs matter. When ringing up an item, it's important to use the correct SKU so the yardage/quantity is removed from the proper item. Ringing up an item that is the same price is not the solution -- it creates an entirely different problem. If you ring up an item and the SKU does not pull it up in the till, please ask Mary or Leslie to look for it if they are at the shop before then using a generic category (example: blender fabric, novelty fabric, notion, pattern, etc.) to ring up the item, manually changing the price. Please make a note in the POS notebook so Mary or Leslie can check the missing item if they are not in the shop to help right then.

Classes added:
Willow Tank class

Block Swap Preview (with open sew after)

New at IQ:

Oct./Nov. issue of Quilting Arts

Shibori by Debbie Maddy for Moda

Moving on Lawns by Jen Kingwell for Moda (charm squares and layer cakes)

Coming soon to IQ:

Moving on Lawns yardage

Next week's schedule: