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Inside IQ 10/7/2016

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

Oct. 7, 2016  

Lots of new stuff in this week, both yarn and fabric, and there has been some moving around. Be sure to check out where things are when you get in to familiarize yourself with the new locations.

There's a detailed note in the shop notebook about the new Kaffe Cameo fabric. Please read it over to understand how to cut it for customers.

Please take a moment to check the fridge for anything you may have left in there.

When you're helping customers, do you think about add-on items that you can suggest? I know many of us will check if a customer needs batting, thread or needles at the check out but there are often other opportunities that could help boost our sales:

* The elf legs pattern calls for four 1" bells. We have packages of the bells in both silver and gold finishes. (I've sold three sets at the register when I noticed the customer was buying the pattern and asked, "did you need the bells, too?")

* When someone buys an apparel pattern, ask if s/he needs any Pattern Ease. Pattern Ease is a tracing material (we stock it with the interfacings) that lets customers trace the size needed, rather than cut up the original pattern.

* We have stitch counters for knitting/crocheting, which make a great add-on for customers who are buying yarn or yarn patterns. (They're on the notions wall.)

Classes added:
New Beginning Quilt Making starts 10/15 -- please encourage sign ups

New at IQ:
The Philip Jacobs and Brandon Mably bolts for the Fall 2016 Kaffe line (29 bolts)

Cottonworks flannels from Moda, bolts and Layer Cakes

White on whites, essex linen and the Midnight at the Oasis background from Robert Kaufman

Tim Holtz Correspondence

Tim Holtz wide backings

Lux Adorna Knits bulky yarn (backstock is downstairs in the white cupboards) plus restocked the two colors of the little fun size bundles we'd sold out of

Coming soon to IQ:

More great things!

Next week's schedule: