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Inside IQ 11/18/2016

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

Nov. 18, 2016  

We are closing at 3 p.m. on Wednesday and closed all day Thursday for Thanksgiving but open regular hours the rest of the week. We've had a good number of calls from folks checking our hours because they will be in the area for the holiday and want to come by. It's a great way to introduce new customers to the shop and let them know about our website!

The items from Re:Loom are in the POS as Re:Loom plus the item name (example: Re:Loom Messenger Bag). These items are not eligible for any discounts and should be set up in the system to default to that.

We have beautiful new drawers for our knitting needles and crochet hooks! Thank you, Sarah! Pogo left a detailed note in the shop notebook about the location of specific needles. Please read it to understand the organizational system so you can help customers with their needle purchases.

'Tis the season for gift certificates! We sell more gift certificates between now and Christmas than any other time of year. Please make sure to fill out the fields properly in the POS system (use the recipient's name when possible, instead of "Mom," for example) and please be sure to log things properly in the gift certificate book, confirming that you are issuing the next gift certificate in numerical order.

On a related note, please fill out a gift certificate slip when a GC is used for payment and a balance remains on the GC. (There's no need to fill out when the full amount of the GC is used -- just write the details on the GC and put in the basket. Save a tree!)

And speaking of gift certificates ... If someone is purchasing a gift certificate for the recipient to use toward a class, ask if he or she would like to include anything to put toward class supplies. Mary did this earlier this week when someone wanted to purchase a gift certificate for Beginning Quilt Making and the buyer walked out with a $250 gift certificate.

When filling out a special request, please include the customer's phone number and email address. It's a challenge to let customers know an item is here for pick up if we can't contact him/her.

If you are ringing up a fabric and find that it's not in the system, the fabric should be rung up as the category it belongs to -- not a generic "fabric" or "sale fabric." So a fabric with dogs on it would be "novelty fabric" if the SKU doesn't work. A tone-on-tone printed fabric would be "blender fabric," and so on.

Classes added:
We added a bunch of $10, one-hour classes featuring quick holiday gifts or holiday decor items. Please refer to the class calendar.

New at IQ:
Viola Basic blender from timeless treasures

Knit Collage yarn (Daisy Chain, Cast Away, Wanderlust)

Coming soon to IQ:

Regent St. Lawn charms and a handful of bolts from moda

Next week's schedule: