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Inside IQ 1/6/2017

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

Jan. 6, 2017  

Obviously the weather is on everyone's mind right now. As of 3:35 p.m. on Friday, we are still open -- and still having customers shop with us. The overnight weather situation will determine what happens Saturday morning and whether or not we open as scheduled. Keep an eye on your email/text messages for any updates!

Sarah says, "Thank you for all the nice gifts left for me while I was gone!"

The bathroom baseboards need to be wiped down daily when cleaning the bathroom. People are getting a little over-enthusiastic with the spray cleaners still so there is a film of cleaner on the walls and floor near toilet. Please be more careful to spray only the toilet bowl.

Leave the third light switch from the right next to the back door on all the time. This activates the motion-sensor lights in the back.

Does anyone remember seeing a 2-yard cut of green flannel on top of the cubbies just before Christmas? Sarah left it there for Jess and Jess never saw it. It has just disappeared. It is driving Sarah a bit crazy to think a piece of fabric could have just disappeared from the employee cubby area, which is not an area customers can access.

Please remember to put the USPS sign back in the outgoing mail bin after the day's pick up/delivery.

Please remember to check irons in the classroom at the end of the day. They should be emptied and unplugged. We are working on classroom signage and it's good to remind groups/teachers that they are responsible for doing this when they arrive at the shop.

The baker's rack of fabric on the front wall between b&w and novelty should have an open fat quarter draped over the top. There is a piece of sticky something up there that used to hold a fabric company sign that Sarah wants to keep covered. As she said, "Hide the ugly, people!"

Classes added:
Moved Sewing Basics from January to February

Machine Quilting with Taffy at the end of January

UFO Sew Day with Mary on 1/15

New at IQ:
Dream Weaves from Andover

A couple of novelty and floral bolts from Riley Blake

Riley Blake On Trend and Kewpie doll charm packs

Restock of some patterns, notions and threads

Coming soon:
New Cotton+Steel

More notion, pattern, book and thread restocks

Paper piecing project class with Wanda

Next week's schedule: