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Inside IQ 2/3/2017

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

Feb. 3 , 2017  

Please, if you feel like you are getting sick, try to find someone to swap shifts with you and stay home, even at the beginning. There's a bug working its way around the employees and we've got to try harder to contain illness when we can. Please wash your hands like crazy, too!

Sarah came across an excellent article about retail store merchandising. It's a great read and we'd love to hear your ideas for things we could consider implementing around the shop.

Please do not submit a time off request during QuiltCon (Feb. 21-26), Shop Hop (March 20-26) and April 1-9.

Be sure to keep up with the weekly newsletters and watch the calendar. We've begun blocking out time when the classroom is closed because of event prep or appointments with sales reps.

New at IQ:
Various Robert Kaufman blender wall fabrics, including some Carolyn Friedlander restocks

Coming soon:
More fabrics!

Batting restock

Next week's schedule: