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Inside IQ 3/31/17

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

March 31, 2017  

Schools are out for spring break next week, which means we will be a bit short staffed. We will have a skeleton crew on and just have to make do.

Thank you for your help with getting a name attached to every sale! Since Sarah made her request, we've had only 8 transactions without a name -- that's only 1 percent of the transactions in that time period. Keep up the great work!

Sarah has done the schedules for April and they are posted below.

We would like to get pictures of the Shop Hop prize winners when they pick up their prizes, which then will be posted on our social media. And please keep the drawing slips that are with each prize (you can put them in with the cc slips for that day).

When you write a phone message in the log book, please fill it out completely including the date.

Fat quarters cut for bundles and kits should not be written in the fat quarter notebooks. Please only write fat quarters cut for customers or to put out on the shelves. Fabric cut for bundles are handled differently and writing them in the notebooks can create issues with inventory numbers.

Try to encourage customers to use their IQ Card discount on sales of $50 or less. Many customers seem to want to "save" these rewards for larger purchases but it's better for the shop if the reward is used on a lower sale amount.

We are at capacity for shipping Delilah and Long Time Gone to out-of-town customers. And we only have 4-5 more spots in Delilah before the program is full.

If you're looking for the Cotton+Steel lawns and rayons, Sarah has moved them to the other side of the shop to keep them out of the sun. Even with the protective coating on the windows, the sun coming through the windows can fade and damage products. Please keep this in mind as you are moving around the front of the shop. If you see something with sun shining on it, you might relocate it.

The next big events that we have going on are Jen Kingwell visiting memorial day weekend (please familiarize yourself with the details about the classes so you are able to answer questions) and then Row by Row begins in June. We have a time off request already for the week of June 11-18 (this is a change from last week's Inside IQ) and one for the weekend of 6/22 so please try not to plan anything on those dates as we will most likely be shorthanded in summer.

New at IQ:

Polka Dot magnetic pin bowls

Restock of some rulers, notions and patterns

Coming soon:

Spring 2017 Kaffe Fassett Collective from Westminster

Nordic Christmas line from Moda

Next month's schedules: