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Inside IQ 4/28/17

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

April 28, 2017  

*Please continue to tell everyone who shops with us to make note that we are closed on Wednesdays.*

We are heading into summer and have gotten some time off requests already. Please do not submit a time-off request for the week of June 11-18 or July 24-28 but the first week of June is open for requests now (we had said no to that one previously).

When you finish a bolt while making kits or bundles, please write "Alert Kit Component" on the side of the bolt, always. Every. Time. If you finish a bolt with a fat quarter or fat 1/8th, then write that on there, too, instead of writing it in the fat quarter notebook.

We have a bolt of Moda Grunge (Manilla) that was finished but the system shows we should have nearly 7 yards left. Does anyone recall cutting a large piece of near-white Grunge for a customer, possibly as a backing? This is a large amount of fabric to go MIA and it would be great to figure out what happened to it.

Thank you for moving the register computer to dust! Occasionally, this seems to jog the ethernet cable (the only light gray cable) and interrupt our Internet connection to the register. If you are having an issue with the internet not connecting, carefully pull the monitor forward and check the gray cable, then restart the computer if it still does not come up. Which leads to any issue...check cables first and then if still not fixed, then restart the computer before trying other things.

If an error message comes up about the website not being safe, it is a glitch with the server and should be fine for now. Ignore and put your pin in.

Do not add any 70s or 80s music stations to the iPod. Sarah loves 80s music too much and might stop what she's doing and start singing. (Not really -- she hates 80s music and feels Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer"  and Van Halen are not appropriate music for the shop given the majority of our clientele). The majority of our customers respond well to the 50s and 60s soundtrack we play and happy customers spend more time in the store and usually spend more money, too.

Please check the dates on fabric before you purchase it using your discount. Fabric should be at least 2 weeks in the shop before employees buy it.

If you are using painter's tape to put up signs, please try to use the blue instead of the green. We should try to take down and refresh the tape periodically. Sarah noticed the green tape left a sticky residue behind the signs on the sale area shelves.

New at IQ:

Nordic Stitches from Moda

Cake Mix Recipe cards 1-4 restock

Sew Much Attitude tea towels from Moda

Riley Blake Shriek 5" stackers and a couple of coordinating bolts

Riley Blake blenders/small prints/stripes

Gutermann thread restock

Coming soon:

More awesome stuff!

Next two weeks schedules: