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Inside IQ 5/5/17

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

May 5, 2017  

*Please continue to tell everyone who shops with us to make note that we are closed on Wednesdays.*

We are having a fat quarter sale through Sunday. The sale applies to pre-cut fat quarters only and excludes fat quarters in bundles/kits. Customers who purchase 1-4 fat quarters save 50 cents per fat quarter. Purchases of 5+ fat quarters means a discount of $1/per fat quarter. Please do NOT change the fat quarter price. Instead, apply the appropriate discount to the item in the register. Using the discount allows us to gauge the effectiveness of the sale more easily than when the product price is changed. There is a detailed note by the register about how to do the discount.

We usually cut fabric generously for customers. Fat quarters and half yards should be cut at 18.5" (unless you are otherwise directed for kits, etc.). Full yards also should be cut 1/2" over (36.5"). Please use your best judgment on full yards and increase the overage to up to 1" if the fabric is not folded and bolted well. Please be sure to remind customers that certain fabrics (particularly flannels, knits and anything yarn dyed) have a tendency to shrink after washing and suggest they increase the amount purchased to compensate for the shrinkage (Versus us cutting larger), so if something calls for 1/2 yard going up to 5/8 would be a good idea with the types of fabrics listed above.

Sarah will be out May 16-22 and Mary will be out May 17-21 to attend Quilt Market in St. Louis (and Mary to a funeral). If you need to reach us do not call Mary on the Sarah.

Pogo and Sarah came in on their day off and did a deep clean of the office (thank you!!). There are new places for things so please be sure to look before putting down anything. Orders to be shipped should be put on the third shelf down on the right. Incoming mail goes on the second shelf on the right in the second basket of the wire basket in that slot.

Reminder: Please do not submit a time-off request for the week of June 11-18 or July 24-28 but the first week of June is open for requests now (we had said no to that one previously).

New at IQ:

Haunted Brick Road sample and kits

Happy Halloween bunting sample and kits

Driving Dracula sample and panels

Jen Kingwell pattern and template restock

Coming soon:

More awesome stuff!

Next week's schedule: