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Inside IQ 6/2/17

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

June 2, 2017  

*Please continue to tell everyone who shops with us to make note that we are closed on Wednesdays.*

We've gotten some great feedback and reviews from customers who took part in Jen Kingwell's classes. Not only did they love Jen, but they also loved the shop and the staff. Among the reviews posted to our Facebook page:

* "The entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable about all things quilting. We took a 2-day class and were treated like family. It was wonderful!"

* "I love the fabric selection and the staff is always so helpful.'

For many of our customers, it is the experience of shopping at IQ that keeps them coming back. We should all be focused on making that experience the best it can be from the moment the customer walks in the door or calls the shop. Are we friendly? Encouraging? Knowledgeable? Are we building our community with each interaction? 

We have summer camp this week. Let's help make it a great one for these young quilters!

Row by Row kicks off June 21, which is a Wednesday, so our Row by Row will begin distribution on Thursday, June 22. Be sure to read our newsletter this week to familiarize yourself with the theme (On the Go) and the new Row by Row Junior program, which we are also promoting. We have three plate options this year. We also will continue to display and sell the plates and patterns/kits from 2016.

If you put stickers on fabric bolts, please double and triple check that you are putting them on the correct product. This is incredibly important! If labels are switched, we are removing inventory from the wrong product every time we cut a fabric. This messes up our inventory (not only in the shop but online) and also does not give customers the proper sku with their sale, should they need to purchase more yardage.

The stairway light needs to be kept off unless customers are in the classroom. It heats up the stairwell since we now keep that door closed.

If you go through the little opening in the old sale room to get to the back classroom, you MUST put things back. The wall was rolled out of place and the rack with quilts on it was totally out of place. This is something that keeps happening and Sarah keeps reminding people to put it back the way things were.

We're not always checking for back stock when bolts are emptied. Some bolts received in February and March were not labeled to show the quantity. If you find that you have time on your hands during your next shift, please consider checking the back stock bolts and making sure the ones downstairs and upstairs are labeled properly to indicate the extra bolts.

New at IQ:

Mermaids Tale, Spooky Town and Best Day Ever by Cori Dantini for Blend Fabrics

Katsuri by Sevenberry for Robert Kaufman

About a dozen Robert Kaufman batiks

Palette blender by Marcia Derse for Windham

Coast to Coast and Lights Camera Action from Windham

Coming soon:

Hempathy yarn

Opal sock yarn

Jen Kingwell's new patterns

Traditional and metallic Christmas lines from Andover

Batting restock

Next week's schedule: