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Inside IQ 6/16/17

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

June 16, 2017  

*Please continue to tell everyone who shops with us to make note that we are closed on Wednesdays.*

We're starting to get calls and questions about this year's Row by Row. Please make sure you let people know that we are closed on Wednesday, 6/21, which is the official RxR kick off date so they will not be able to come in and get our row until Thursday, 6/22. We are also participating in Row by Row Junior this year, which has its own patterns and a super cute quilt (thanks, Sandy!).

Please set the thermostats to 80 and HOLD on Tuesday nights. We don't need the AC running all day Wednesday with no one here.

Also, please remember to flip the sign on the front door to CLOSED each night and make sure all the lights are off downstairs.

If you are closing, please make sure you go through ALL of the closing duties, including (but not limited to) emptying all of the trash cans, cleaning the bathrooms, etc. If you find that you have done all of these things well in record time and it's not yet 6:30, give yourself a pat on the back and then walk around the shop to make sure all the shelves are straightened and things have not been left in places they shouldn't be.

Please remember to write on bolts you put in the bucket any scraps/fq/fat 1/8 you make to finish the bolt. It's especially important to make note if a bolt you emptied is part of a kit. We cannot remove that bolt from the inventory until we've dealt with the kit in the point-of-sale system.

Double check any panels you cut off the bolt to make sure you are cutting the appropriate size. Some are 1-yard, some are 2/3 yard and we even have a 1/2 yard panel in the shop.

New at IQ:

Laura Heine collage quilt patterns

Quilt Lovely restock

Opal sock yarn

Neighborhood Fiber yarn restock

Kaffe Spot 10" squares (only 6 and it doesn't look like this is an item we can reorder)

Patty Lyons classes are on the website and will go out to the general newsletter list next week

Coming soon:

Row by Row Experience 2017

Alison Glass Chroma from Andover

Paper Piecing classes (intro and intermediate)

Single-day summer classes for kids

Next week's schedule: