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Inside IQ 6/20/17 -- Row by Row edition

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

June 22, 2017  

*Please continue to tell everyone who shops with us to make note that we are closed on Wednesdays.*

The 2017 Row by Row Experience started Wednesday, 6/21, and there's lots of information you need to know. Please read all the way through this email because it covers a lot of ground.

This year's row is Atlanta Skyline at Sunset. As per the rules of RxR, each person who comes into the store may receive one 2017 RxR for FREE. Please ring out this pattern through the POS (even though it is free) so we can track the number of patterns we distribute. If someone gets a free pattern and a kit with a pattern, only ring out the free one. The kit already includes the pattern and has been allocated that way through the POS.

We have fabric kits that include all the fabric to make the Skyline at Sunset Row (not including the binding). Each person who purchases receives a copy of the pattern for the kit. This does not count as their free 2017 RxR pattern.

For the duration of the 2017 RxR (6/21/17-9/5/17), we are not allowed to mail any of this year's patterns or kits. They may only be acquired by physically visiting the store. From 9/6/17-10/31/17, no patterns or kits may be distributed, not in person or by any other means. From 11/1/17 on, we can ship both patterns and kits but patterns are no longer free (they'll be $5 each).

As with previous years, the first person who returns a completed RxR kit that includes at least 8 different rows from 8 different 2017 participating shops. Be the first to bring it into a shop and the customer wins 25 fat quarters. If the customer uses our row, he or she wins a bonus prize for using our row in that quilt. A finished quilt is one that is quilted, bound, and labeled. Customers may win only one prize during the 2017 RxR.

Customers can get very competitive about winning the quilt competition. Although they have until October 31 to bring a completed quilt into the shop, we may get a winner much earlier. The past two years have been won by the same person, who brought in a quilt within 48 hours of the start of RxR.

When a winner comes in, complete the winner’s certificate and attach the left portion to the quilt. Keep the right portion for our records. Snap a photo and send it to Mary so she can send it to our state RxR coordinator along with the photo of the winning quilt.

We are also doing two additional RxR promotions this year that allow customers to win more prizes. The information is printed on the back of our Row by Row patterns. It's pasted into the bottom of this email. Please familiarize yourself with it because we should be promoting and communicating it to all of our customers.

We are also participating in Row by Row Junior this year, which has its own patterns and a super cute quilt (thanks, Sandy!). We are one of only seven shops in GA taking part (local shops include A Scarlet Thread and Red Hen). This is a new program with Row by Row, designed for kids 6 to 14. Again, each kid in that age range who visits the store may receive a single Row by Row Jr. pattern for FREE (there are five to choose from). If anyone (regardless of age) purchases a Row by Row Jr. KIT, he or she can receive a single Row by Row Jr. pattern for FREE with that purchase. This is the only way someone other than a child can get a RxR Jr pattern and the only way someone can get multiple patterns from the RxR Jr. program. Please ring out all of the Row by Row Junior patterns through the POS (even though they are free) so we can track the number of patterns we distribute. This includes any patterns that accompany kits, as the kits are not pattern specific.

As with the original Row by Row, there is a contest aspect to RxR Jr: Blue “I Made This!” ribbons will be awarded to the first five kids who return to a shop with something they’ve made using a Row by Row Junior pattern. We want to celebrate any sewing effort not just quilting, i.e., the Row by Row Junior projects do not have to be completed like the adult RxR projects.

Please follow this link for some important information about fabric shopping and kids as it pertains to not only Row by Row Junior but great general information.

We have created a RxR Jr Setting pattern to support our quilt and kits for this year. It is $2 or FREE with purchase of the items to make the entire RxR Jr quilt. In order to make that kit, they will need five packs of our Row by Row Jr. Building Blocks A (colored fabrics plus white fabric for the background), one pack of our Row by Row Jr. Building Blocks B (the black and white sketchy herringbone), 1 yard of the sashing and border fabric (we used Math in Multi Samarra-C1425-Black) and 1/2 yard binding fabric.

This year, we have three RxR fabric license plates: Sew Peach, Go Stitch'n and In Stitches. We also still have Seams Like Home plates from 2016. All license plates are $6 each. All license plates also have the same barcode, which means you will need to make sure you select the proper product when ringing up customers.

Our front wall has changed over to RxR/RxR Jr today (Tuesday, 6/20). We are hanging the new items, as well as previous years' Rows and kits, plus some supporting products to go with them like Row by Row Junior tool kits, Steam a Seam, license plate patterns, etc. We also should be showcasing some of our samples made to support this year's RxR theme, On the Go!, like travel cases and portable pillows.

You can be a Row by Row winner!

Intown Quilters Fabric & Yarn is excited about the kick off of the 2017 Row by Row experience starting on June 21st (we’re starting June 22nd since we are closed on Wednesdays). Come into the shop between 6/22 & 9/5/2017 to collect your free Row pattern. Rows will go into “hibernation” between 9/5 & 10/31/2017 after which the patterns will be sold for $5. 

Complete a quilt using at least 8 different Rows from 8 different 2017 participating shops. Be the first to bring it into a shop and you win a stash of 25 fat quarters. Win a bonus prize for using that store's Row in your quilt.

But why let the fun stop there?! We want to reward your Row by Row travels and sewing by promoting a slower, more creative and thoughtful approach to making your Row by Row quilt. Wait to turn in and leave your finished Row quilt at Intown Quilters between 9/6 and 10/31/2017 (the “hibernation period” of the Row by Row Experience). We’ll be awarding prizes for the following categories:

1. A prize for the first Row quilt that comes in between 9/6 & 10/31/2017 that includes all 8 Rows from The Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop shops. You’ll have to research which shops take part in The Greater Atlanta Quilt Shop Hop, go to each to gather a Row, then make a quilt and turn it into IQ.

2. A prize for the quilt that includes a Row from the shop that’s farthest away from Intown Quilters. Who is traveling this summer? Where to? We can’t wait to see Rows from afar!

  1. A 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Viewers’ Choice Award. We’ll hang all the Row quilts turned in between 9/6 & 10/31/2017, and then everyone who stops into the shop will be able to vote for her/his favorite. Encourage your friends and family to come in a vote for your quilt -- the most votes will win!

We’re also doing weekly drawings all summer long as part of our Row by Row Experience event – and winning is easy. Each week, we’ll randomly choose from those Row by Row participants to win a fabulous prize worth at least $15. Sarah is excited to pick a fun prize each week! Ways you can be entered into the weekly drawings are:

  1. Simply pick up your FREE Row by Row pattern at the cash register. We’ll add your name, email address and phone number when you check out. Only one entry with FREE Row pattern.
  2. Pop in to see what our weekly featured product is, snap a photo and post to your Instagram or Facebook page and tag us in it and we will add your name again.
  3. For each friend you refer to the shop between now and 9/5, you’ll get another entry.

This week's schedule: