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Inside IQ 9/15/17

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

Sept. 15, 2017  

*Please continue to tell everyone who shops with us to make note that we are closed on Wednesdays.*

This week was a little crazy with the storm and then our storm-related Internet outage. We've been pretty busy Thursday and Friday -- and hopefully that will continue since the closure really hurts us.

Sunday folks: Please take the trash to the curb after close. DeKalb County will be picking up trash on Monday of next week.

Sarah spent nearly an hour at the post office on Friday to try to get our mail issues straightened out. Thank you, Sarah! With any luck, we will resume regular mail delivery/pick up after months of dwindling service.

We have FIVE boxes that need to go out with the UPS driver the next time she comes in. Please make sure to give them to her! All five boxes are downstairs in the back classroom.

When you do the dusting, please carefully dust out the windows. Take care not to scratch the film on the windows. There are a few scratches in the film from things that have been in the windows and we really need to be careful with that so we don't damage them further.

Please do not ask for time off the last weekend of September (Libs Elliott visit) or the first weekend in October (Fall into the Holidays). We need to be fully staffed when we have special events.

If Sarah sends an email and requests feedback or information, please make every effort to reply as soon as possible.

New at IQ:
Diving Board by Alison Glass (Andover). We are expecting two wide back fabrics to go with this line, too.

Libs Elliott patterns: Double Trouble, Hot Lips, Kool Thing, Rebel. We have samples of two, Wanda is working on the Hot Lips sample, and we also have a sample of The Weight of Love (the sunday class she is teaching)

Notions/pattern restock from Checker (small)

Restock of the cute sewing themed towels

Coming soon:

Wild Side by Libs Elliott (Andover)

More things!

Next week's schedule: