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Inside IQ 11/10/17

Inside IQ: A Newsletter for the IQ Crew 

Nov. 10, 2017  

*Please continue to tell everyone who shops with us to make note that we are closed on Wednesdays.*

Sale this weekend that you can really give anyone who asks. Please also read the shop newsletter that went out Thursday around 5pm. 

Intown Quilters would like to express our deepest thanks to all those who serve our country. In honor of Veterans Day, we are offering buy three, get one free* on everything in the shop to all veterans, those currently serving in the military and their families, Friday-Sunday, 11/10-12. We will also extend this offer to those working on a Quilts of Valor quilts. Ask us about them at the shop if you don't know what they are or click here to read about them. You are welcome to drop quilts off with us or any donation of fabric, quilt tops or money and we will get it to our local chapter. The organization can always use the donation of quilting services, too, so if you are willing to quilt for them, let us know. Happy Veterans Day! 
*Discount applied to lowest priced item; in-stock items only; no other discounts apply.

SarahEnglish Perry, who has been helping out at the Thursday sit-and-knit, had a family emergency this week so was unable to work but hopefully will be back in ATL next week and we will add her in for some training.

When you cut fabric for fat quarters, please do not put it in a pile to get all wrinkly while it waits to get folded. Try to lay them out flat or folded once right away to avoid a bunch of wrinkles.

On December 1st and 2nd, IQFY will have a booth in a craft show. If you have quilts you’d like to sell, you are welcome to put them in the booth. 25% of the sale of your items will go to IQ to cover the booth fee and Pogo's time in preparing for the sale. You will need to provide a list of the quilts with the prices and talk with Pogo and Sarah about pricing strategy.

The Row by Row hibernation period is over. We can now sell and ship the RxR patterns and kits. As new kits are assembled, the patterns need to be placed inside (rather than given out separately as they are sold). The patterns are NOT free -- they are $5.

Looking for something to do when it's slow? Try to touch every surface in the shop every week to change things around and make pretty. We've noticed how when we move things around people notice them. We should be doing that with the tops os shelves and tables all the time. It would be good to try to move something every day. In the front novelty section, even just moving some bolts from one section of shelves to another and moving their things could be good. 

Also, we really need to vacuum the downstairs at least twice a week so if it is slow, go down and vacuum at ;east one of the rooms and let us know what you have done. 

Please do not cut up old special order requests for scrap paper on the cutting tables. They have customer's personal information on them.

This still stands: We have put some English paper piecing items in the system for pre-order (Salute to Levens Hall and Tula's Bloomers). Each one has a full set item (includes paper pieces, pattern and acrylic template) that is already discounted. Please make sure you do not sell these with any additional discount (i.e., teacher, employee, F&F, etc.). If an employee or teacher wishes to purchase the full set items, please ring up the individual pieces, which are not discounted (so instead of Salute to Levens Hall full set, ring up Levens Hall pattern, Levens Hall acrylic template and Levens Hall paper pieces) and apply the appropriate discount. If you're not sure, please ask Mary or Sarah.

If you cut website orders over the weekend, please put them in the mail slot inside the office rather than on the floor or on Mary's chair. Thank you!

Please don't forget to check if there is a second bolt downstairs when you put an empty bolt in the bucket. We've found several bolts still in backstock when they could have been on the floor (and potentially going home with customers). It would also be good to check back stock of bolts every few days to see if something can come up.

New at IQ:

Ghastlies quilt sample and kits

Mary's Lisa Unicorn Sample is hanging near the bathroom. More patterns are on order. (try to pull fabric for kits on Saturday and ask Mary to text a pic of the back of the pattern if we don't have any)

We got in a trunk show of samples from the sugarbush Yarn company to go with the yarns we carry so check those out and make sure you are familiar with them so you can show customers. There are also Sugarbush pattern booklets that go with each of the yarns we carry from them so familiarize yourself with those. The patterns for all the samples are in the books. 

Coming soon:

Next week's schedule: