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Intown Quilters Fabric and Yarn is now a web store only with fast shipping!

Monday Fun Day online at IQFY continues from Sunday and adds in an option for YARN folks!


Sept. 7, 2020  

   Happy Monday and Labor Day!

   Labor Day "pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers." What would our country be without all the workers, whatever it may be they do, from mother (the most important job of all) to restaurant worker, grocery store worker and allllll the other jobs. Cheers to all of you!

   I will be working hard today on so many things related to vacating our current home at 1058 Mistletoe Road and need your help to move inventory along to make clearing out our current space a bit easier. I realize I left the yarn folks out of our Sunday Funday promotion so I am emailing to remind you guys there is still time to take part in the promotion we emailed yesterday (details below) and to add in a promotion option for those who love yarn. The way it will work with yarn, since we don't have precuts and kits in yarn, is, if you purchase yarn, there will be added gifts for you, too. We will put in a pattern that works nicely with your yarn for any yarn purchase over *$40 and will put in a skein or ball of yarn that works well with your yarn, for every *$80 spent. We will include a gift retroactively to all yarn orders that were placed yesterday. Check out all out yarn and patterns on the website! There are quite a few on sale, too!
*You are welcome to make a request in the nots at check out regarding your gift, but we cannot make any promises and may choose something that we think works nicely for your purchase. 

   We have figured out that trying to help customers in the shop while also cutting online orders under Covid work conditions is creating chaos, not to mention making us sweat up a storm in this heat. Soooo...we are going to do a fun online only promotion starting today (9/6) through 6am EDT Tuesday, 9/8! 

    We will have a precut and kit special. When you purchase any package of charm squares, layer cakes, jelly rolls, fat quarter bundles, or kits we will include a pattern that works well with your type of precut or *1/2 to 1 yard of coordinating fabric depending on the size of the precut you buy (new just added but applies to all orders from yesterday, too) for every one you buy! Just think, it's like getting personal IQFY staff help pulling for a quilt project and we cannot wait to see what you guys make with your purchases! 
*Include in the notes when you check out, whether you prefer a pattern or fabric (or a combo of fabric and patterns if you purchase several things) as your free gifts. Then we will pick out fun patterns or coordinating fabrics that work nicely with your purchases. All charm square, jelly roll, bundles under 6 FQ and kits under $40 will receive 1/2 yard of fabric and layer cakes, fat quarter bundles and kits over $40 will receive 1 yard of fabric. 

   This website-only special (good only while we are closed today and tomorrow) will help us pull your online orders before the shop opens, so in-store customers do not accidentally purchase your fabric before we are able to pull it and cut it (this does happen very easily).
   In fact, any online order that comes into our system between 10am and 3pm each day we are in the store (right now Tuesday-Saturday) runs the risk of items accidentally being sold to in-store customers before we even see the order, much less get the chance to grab the bolt. We always worry about disappointing folks, so we decided to make you aware of the risks of ordering online during that time frame, as well provide a little incentive to place an order online over the next two days we are closed. 

   As for in-store shopping next week, we have decided that the reservation-only process is also creating too much chaos for us, so as of Wednesday, 9/9/2020, we will allow you to come to the shop anytime you wish between 10:30am-3:30pm Wednesday, 9/9, through Saturday, 9/12, MUST READ and abide by our policies about coming to the store. 

   If you want to shop in the store please read the following:

1. There will be limited numbers of customers allowed in the shop so you may have to wait in your car. Bring a book or knitting or handwork to pass the time. 

2. The door will still be locked! You will need to wear a mask before approaching the door and bring your own hand sanitizer into the shop to use once you are inside. 

3. We will have a Red Sign, Green Sign signal in the window to let you know whether or not there is room for you. If the shop is full, we will have the red sign up in the window and you will HAVE to stay in your car. When you arrive there will be a bucket of numbers outside so please grab one and put it under your windshield wiper so we can see who is next in line to come inside. Please then stay in your car and wait for us to motion for you to come inside. DO NOT get out and stand around on the porch. When we let a person or multiple people out, we will allow more inside. You can bring your number inside and hand it to us to disinfect and you will be entered into a drawing for a free gift. 

4. Please try to keep your visit to 1 hour or less. We would hate to have to rush you along but studies show the longer you are exposed to an infectious person, the higher the risks of infection, so we really want everyone to keep their visit as short as possible. 

We appreciate all your support and patience as we work to shrink our inventory during a very difficult time for shopping. 

If you missed the email last week, we announced some big news:

   I want to let you know that as of noon on 8/31/2020, our home at 1058 Mistletoe Road changed hands to a nice veterinarian, and we need to vacate within 60 days of that date. Over the next 5 weeks, we will work to find a new home (as of this moment we have NO idea where) and need to shrink our inventory to make it easier to move into a new, smaller space. If we cannot find a new home we can afford, we will move the shop online and no longer have a brick-and-mortar location. We know this news may come as a shock, but just know that we will be very busy looking for a new home, working with any you who want to come in or call, packing up orders, and beginning the process of preparing to vacate this home, so while we welcome your questions and communication, please don't be surprised if there is a delay in response. We all at IQ are going to have a lot on our plates and have to prioritize to make this process go as smoothly as possible. If you don't hear back quickly, trust that we will get back to you as soon as we come up for air! We will keep you informed along the way through our newsletters and social media, so make sure you are signed up and following along! We truly appreciate you and look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks!

   If you have an open Gift Certificate, don't forget that you can use them online, too with the number written on the gift certificate! 

   Due to this news, all sales are final. No price adjustments. Some items may be excluded from any specials or promotions offered during this time.

   We continue to offer online shopping with curbside pick up for those of you who are more comfortable shopping from home. We have been told some of the glitches on our site are fixed, so please try again if you've had trouble.

    With all the hustle and bustle of welcoming the new Kaffe Fassett Collective prints last week, we didn't have a chance to even touch the boxes of new batiks that arrived from Timeless Treasures. That's OK because 30 bolts of beautiful batiks are worth enjoying any day! The new arrivals include everything from vivid brights to neutrals to rich multicolor prints, all made with that distinctive Timeless touch.

    If you don't really feel there is anything you need to purchase but would like to help us anyway, please consider contributing to our GoFundMe fundraiser. Our fundraiser is helping to supplement the pay for the shop employees during this time of limited work hours and helping us afford to donate some fabric (that is not selling anyway) to people who are still making masks for healthcare and essential workers. For information on making face masks, check out our Charity Projects page. 

   We appreciate the support you've shown us during these uncertain times. Whether you are an essential worker during this crisis or doing your part to #stayhome, you are in our thoughts!

    Happy stitching,
    Sarah & the IQF&Y crew


Check for Covid19 Hours before coming, please!

You can find our latest hours on our Facebook and Instagram pages or call the shop at 404-634-6924.