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Intown Quilters Fabric and Yarn is now a web store only with fast shipping!

No more reservations starting today, BUT there are procedures to be aware of so read our email before coming please!


Sept. 9, 2020  

Happy Wednesday

   We are attempting to open up with no reservations needed, during the hours of 10:30 am and 3:30 pm starting today. The door will still be locked and only 10 people will be allowed the shop at a time. There will be a kids' easel out on the porch where we will clip a red piece of paper when we are full and a green one when there is room to come to the door. If there is a red paper there, please grab a laminated pink number (pull the lowest number there) from the tray of the easel and put it on your windshield so we know where you place is in the line. Once we let someone out and wave to you to come in, bring the number with you so that we can disinfect it and put it back out. You MUST wear a mask (covering your nose, too) and bring your own hand sanitizer. We have no idea how this will work out so please bring your patience and a book or project to work on in the car in case you have to wait. Read more about our procedures for entry into the shop below!   

   If you want to shop in the store please read the following:

1. There will be limited numbers of customers allowed in the shop so you may have to wait in your car. Bring a book or knitting or handwork to pass the time. 

2. The door will still be locked! You will need to wear a mask before approaching the door and bring your own hand sanitizer into the shop to use once you are inside. 

3. We will have a kids' easel on the porch with a Red Sign, Green Sign signal on it to let you know whether or not there is room for you. If the shop is full, we will have the red sign up signaling to stay in your car. When you arrive, please grab a laminated pink number (pull the lowest number there) from the tray of the easel and put it on your windshield so we know where you place is in the line. Please then stay in your car and wait for us to motion for you to come inside. Please DO NOT get out and stand around on the porch. When we let a person or multiple people out, we will allow more inside. You can bring your number inside and hand it to us to disinfect and you will be entered into a drawing for a free gift. 

4. Please try to keep your visit to 1 hour or less. We would hate to have to rush you along but studies show the longer you are exposed to an infectious person, the higher the risks of infection, so we really want everyone to keep their visit as short as possible. 

   We appreciate the support you've shown us during these uncertain times. Whether you are an essential worker during this crisis or doing your part to #stayhome, you are in our thoughts!

    Happy stitching,
    Sarah & the IQF&Y crew


Check for Covid19 Hours before coming, please!

You can find our latest hours on our Facebook and Instagram pages or call the shop at 404-634-6924.