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Intown Quilters Fabric and Yarn is now a web store only with fast shipping!

A few specials we left out...


Sept. 17, 2020  

   The rain is pouring around our area but it looks like it might settle down a bit around noon. We will be in the shop by 10:30 am (until 3:30 pm) to help you take advantage of some in-store only specials and we are adding in a few more things to the specials for today! We are having a *Buy 3 Get 1 for a Penny special on some pre-cut 1 yard pieces of fabric we have in baskets around the shop (we will be cutting more as we can) and you can also get the 4th yard for a penny when you purchase 3 yards from the same bolt. This is the perfect way to grab up some backgrounds, borders and backings for quilts. We have continued the Buy 3 get 1 for a Penny on all yarn, patterns, books and have added in notions (including rulers), Gutterman thread, embroidery floss, Pearl Cotton, Charm Square packs, gift items and knitting needles to the Buy 3 Get 1 specials going on. We will also continue our Mini and Mighty Fill-up Fat Quarter bags (I was folding more fat quarters at home last night), where you can fill up a bag with pre-cut fat quarters for a set price of $28 for the Mini and $98 for the Mighty. *The penny item applies to the lowest price item and no other discounts apply. Half yard minimum cuts on all other yardage purchases. 

   Don't forget we have the fantastic line of XCVI readymade leggings, shorts, capris and jackets and the Prairie Underground jackets that are all on sale. I wear them every day because they are my favorite and many of the others wear them quite often, too.

   We also forgot to mention that we have quite a few samples for sale in the shop, so if you know of friends and family that often ask if you will make them something, send them over to see what we have up for grabs.

  Due to the news below, all sales are final. No price adjustments. Some items may be excluded from any specials or promotions offered during this time. 

   Not a day has passed since we announced the sale of our building that we haven't been inundated with questions via email, phone, social media, and in person about where the shop will be moving and what's going to happen next. I have spent much of that time looking for a new home for IQ and trying to make a plan for the next steps. It means so much to me, and all of the folks who work at the shop, that you want to know our plans -- but it also makes it difficult for me to tell you this.

    After much research, discussion with the crew, and talking with my family, I have made the incredibly difficult decision to close Intown Quilters in the coming weeks. The shop is basically another child for me and I have struggled with what is next for it. In recent years, I've experienced a couple of health-related issues that make me realize I want to work on my health and spend more time with my family, both of which require having more time in my schedule. 

   We have loved being a part of your sewing, quilting, knitting and crafting adventures for the past 18 years and it has been a tremendous joy to help you pick out projects to mark special occasions in your life and get to know you as part of our extended IQ family. I will miss seeing you but I'm looking forward to entering the next chapter of my life. As Mary said, "I'm ready for my next adventure!", as is she, so without the two of us to work on the website/POS system, it is just too hard to keep the store going.

   I would love for someone to step in and adopt the shop (with its already established website/POS system, newsletter and social media followings), nurturing it with your personal touch! Please reach out by email if that sounds like you! 

   In the meantime, we do need to get started finding homes for all the fabric, yarn, notions, and supplies we have in the shop, so our specials continue! Read on below. 

   We will be open Today through Saturday from 10:00 am 3:30 pm MUST READ AND ADHERE to our policies about coming to the store:

1. There will be limited numbers of customers allowed in the shop so you may have to wait in your car. Bring your patience, as well as a book, knitting or handwork to pass the time. 

2. The door will still be locked! You will need to wear a mask before approaching the door and bring your own hand sanitizer into the shop to use once you are inside. 

3. We will have a Red Sign, Green Sign signal on the easel located outside the front door to let you know whether or not there is room for you. If the shop is full, we will have the red sign up and you will HAVE to stay in your car. When you arrive there will be a sleeve of numbers hanging from the easel outside so please grab one and put it under your windshield wiper so we can see who is next in line to come inside. Please then stay in your car and wait for us to motion for you to come inside. DO NOT get out and stand around on the porch. When we let a person or multiple people out, we will allow more inside. You can bring your number inside and hand it to us to disinfect.

4. Please try to keep your visit to 1 hour or less. We would hate to have to rush you along but studies show the longer you are exposed to an infectious person, the higher the risks of infection, so we really want everyone to keep their visit as short as possible. 

   We appreciate all your support and patience as we work to shrink our inventory during a very difficult time for shopping. 

   We continue to offer online shopping with curbside pick up for those of you who are more comfortable shopping from home. We have been told some of the glitches on our site are fixed, so please try again if you've had trouble. Keep in mind that any online order that comes into our system between 10am and 3pm each day we are in the store (right now Tuesday-Saturday) runs the risk of items accidentally being sold to in-store customers before we even see the order, much less get the chance to grab the bolt. We always worry about disappointing folks, so we decided to make you aware of the risks of ordering online during that time frame.

   We appreciate the support you've shown us during these uncertain times. Whether you are an essential worker during this crisis or doing your part to #stayhome, you are in our thoughts!

    Happy stitching,
    Sarah & the IQF&Y crew

P.S. Please forward this newsletter to any of your crafty friends so they are also in the loop about our news. We've found that so many people do not get our newsletter or follow us on social media and we'd like to make sure this news makes it to everyone who needs to know!


Check for Covid19 Hours before coming, please!

You can find our latest hours on our Facebook and Instagram pages or call the shop at 404-634-6924.