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Intown Quilters Fabric and Yarn is now a web store only with fast shipping!

Last day in the shop tomorrow, come say goodbye!


Oct. 10, 2020  


   Tomorrow Saturday 10/10/20 is the last day in the shop! Tomorrow everything will be 50% off in the shop. There are quite a few good things left so come see us! Please sign our memory book, too! Please also share this with any of your quilter friends as so many have come shopping recently and still have not heard we are closing. We would hate for folks to drive over just to find we are gone. 

   For our ONLINE FOLKS, get ready to shop tonight because you can save lots with the coupon code 202050 from 8 pm-12 am Eastern time tonight only! Please only order for Curb-side pickup, if you can come pick up tomorrow by 4pm. Also
f you have placed an order for curbside pickup recently, we ask that you please come get it tomorrow, Saturday 10/10 before we shut the doors at 4pm. 

   We do have quite a few retired samples for sale in the store and a few of them are on the website here

*All sales are final. No price adjustments. Discounts cannot be combined. 1 Yard minimums on fabric. 

   We'd love for you to visit our FACEBOOK page too, and leave a fun memory about your IQ days and maybe even share some photos of your projects that have come out of the shop over these last 18 Years. We'd love to see the page continue to be a place where we can all share in our love of crafting. 

   If you try to reach out to us by email, just know that it is taking several days to get back to all the emails that are coming in and we do not check email on the weekends as frequently so don't be surprised if there is a communication delay.

   Our in-store shopping through Saturday is from 10 am to 4 pm, MUST READ and abide by our policies about coming to the store. A few of you have asked about later hours and we have tried staying later a few days but find that nobody comes much after 3pm. If you'd like to come later, reach out directly and ask if we might stay later. We may consider it. Please, also, don't make snarky comments about our in-store shopping policies, as we have to be inside all day, wearing masks for many hours, and we want ourselves and you all to remain healthy. Snarky comments do not help anyone in any way. 

   If you want to shop in the store please read the following:

1. There will be limited numbers of customers allowed in the shop so you may have to wait in your car. Bring a book or knitting or handwork to pass the time. 

2. The door will still be locked! You will need to wear a mask before approaching the door and bring your own hand sanitizer into the shop to use once you are inside. 

3. We will have a Red Sign, Green Sign signal in the window to let you know whether or not there is room for you. If the shop is full, we will have the red sign up in the window and you will HAVE to stay in your car. When you arrive, if the sign is red on the easel, there will be a sleeve of numbers hanging on it, so please grab one and put it under your windshield wiper so we can see who is next in line to come inside (we have rarely been at full capacity). Please then stay in your car and wait for us to motion for you to come inside. DO NOT get out and stand around on the porch. When we let a person or multiple people out, we will allow more inside. You can bring your number inside and hand it to us to disinfect and you will be entered into a drawing for a free gift. 

4. Please try to keep your visit to 1 hour or less. We would hate to have to rush you along but studies show the longer you are exposed to an infectious person, the higher the risks of infection, so we really want everyone to keep their visit as short as possible. 

We appreciate all your support and patience as we
wind up our final days here at 1058 Mistletoe Rd!

    Happy stitching,
    Sarah & the IQF&Y crew

P.S. We know everyone is curious what each of us plans to do after Saturday, and it is tempting for you to ask us in the shop, but none of us know what is next. We are focusing on the task at hand -- closing up the shop -- and then we are all taking a break for awhile to rest, refocus and even spend some time together crafting, versus just working together all the time, as we do enjoy each other's company and are excited to spend some play time together. We ask that you try to refrain from asking us, "What is next?" as it just adds to the stress of this already stressful and sad task. All the folks at IQ have talked it over and requested that I write this in a newsletter. We are all going to miss the shop and you, but we see that it is time, and are ready to explore what comes next AFTER some rest and recuperation. Thanks for honoring our request!


Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 10 am - 3:30 pm. Call for appointments outside of these times. 

You can find our latest sale information on our Facebook and Instagram pages or call the shop at 404-634-6924.