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Our second order of Tula Pink Linework is now up for Pro-order on the website!


Oct. 26, 2020  


   It has been two weeks since we closed the shop in Decatur, Georgia. We packed up, moved out and said goodbye to Mistletoe road last Tuesday and we have all been busy straightening out our sewing rooms at home after neglecting them for so long. We and I specifically want to thank you all again for 18 great years of serving you! 

   While my plan is to slowly shut down the website, I decided to bring in our order of the latest Tula Pink Linework collection later this month for online orders only as I could not transfer my order to another local shop and it would have just gone to an unknown shop next in line. Mary and Lennye really love this line, and I actually do, too (not my usually taste) so my husband is going to be shocked when I get fabric bolts at home soon, which is not something I have room for or plan to do often if at all after this line. The staff has placed their orders and after announcing it on Instagram and Facebook last week, we sold out of everything within 24 hours.  

   Since several regulars miss out on the first line, I have since decided to place another order for a whole second collection of the line which should come in at the end of November and is now up for pre-order on the website. Get your orders in now on our Preorders Page before you miss out on the second shipment of the line from us. I will ship any orders placed today (or after today) out just as soon as it come in sometime at the end of November!

   I still have quite a few retired samples for sale in the store and a few of them are on the website here.

   I would love for you to visit our FACEBOOK page regularly to share some photos of your projects that have come out of the shop over these last 18 Years and your new projects you are working on. We'd love to see the page continue to be a place where we can all share in our love of crafting. You may even see notices of our plans to take field trips to visit other shops in the southeast together, since we have not been able to do that very often. We hope to see you on some of these trips. 

    Happy stitching!


You can find our latest sale information on our Facebook and Instagram pages.