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Quilts in Morocco Errata

Quilts in Morocco Errata

Unfortunately 2 errors have occurred in the publication: 

Kaffe Fassett's Quilts in Morocco

ISBN 978-1-907544-88-0 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Mediterranean Hexagons Quilt on page 111.

The following fabric was omitted from the Materials list

Cool                  PJ10CL             ¼yd (25cm)

This fabric is included in the cutting instructions and diagrams.

Cayenne Quilt on pages 123-125
Please follow the following directions in the sections indicated.


Strips for Pieced Blocks

The strips are cut at 5in (12.75cm). The Flame Stripe GP134BR fabric is cut across the width. Fussy cut a total of 8 strips 5in (12.75cm) wide, 4 with dark purple zigzags and 4 with dusty purple zigzags. Try and cut each set so they are as closely matched as possible. The Pebble Mosaic BM42OR fabric is cut down the length of the fabric with the yellow pebbles at one side of each strip, cut 8 strips 5in x 40in (12.75cm x 101.5cm). You will get 7 strips from a 40in length of fabric so you will need 2 lengths to get the 8 strips. Reserve the remaining fabric which should be approx. 35in (89cm) wide for the binding.



Use a ¼in (6mm) seam allowance throughout. Refer to the quilt assembly diagram and photograph for fabric placement. Make 8 strip sets from a strip of GP134BR and a strip of BM42OR. The yellow pebbles along the edge of the BM42OR should be furthest from the GP134BR fabric. From each strip set cut 4 squares 9½in x 9½in (24.25cm x 24.25cm) as shown in block cutting and assembly diagram a. Keep the squares sorted by zigzag colourway (dark purple and dusty purple).

Take 2 squares of the same colourway and lay them with the BM42OR fabric at the top. Cut the first square diagonally from top left to bottom right, the second square from top right to bottom left as shown in diagram b. Using the 4 cut triangles combine them as shown in diagram b to make 2 pieced squares as shown in diagrams c and d. In the dark purple colourway make 7 squares as shown in diagram c and 6 as shown in diagram d. In the dusty purple colourway make 6 squares as shown in diagram c and 7 as shown in diagram d. Keep 4 cut triangles to fill in the quilt sides.

Trim the pieced squares to 8½in (21.5cm) square using Template VV. It is ESSENTIAL that the marked seam lines on the template are aligned very carefully when trimming (there will considerably more to trim from 2 of the sides). Also trim the cut triangles using Template WW, aligning the marked seam line as before and stay stitch along the bias edge to stabilize.