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Jen Kingwell Psychedelia, a 2020 Template of the Month Program


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Psychedelia is Jen Kingwell's ode to the ’60s and the Psychedelic Art movement of that time. Her design reflects the uninhibited, lively, and hip style of an era where Lava lamps illuminated a counterculture in which: Beatlemania changed music forever, flower power and tie-dyed t-shirts fashionable mingled with Miniskirts and Go-go boots, Barbie (Doll) was born, bell-bottom jeans were cool, cars were adorned with smiley face and peace sign bumper stickers.

Psychedelia is a combination of piecing and applique. Jen, of course, hand-stitched this project; however, it may also be machine pieced and/or appliqued. 

Click here to see the FABRIC KIT we have put together. We also think the quilt would look great made with THIS KIT and some added dark backgrounds.

The Program...
Includes acrylic and mylar templates plus pattern, released monthly. 
Fabric available for an additional charge.
This is a 12-month program that would begin in February or March 2020.

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